A Solution to Engage People in a Mobile World

Today, people rely – almost exclusively – on their mobile device to keep pace with the latest news, manage their schedule, research a product or find a new place to eat.

 With all the different platforms and channels competing to grab people’s attention, the question for grassroots and advocacy organizations is this: how can we burn through all this noise to develop deeper levels of engagement with plus mobilize our members, funders and advocates?

 The answer: A mobile app.

As a communication tool, a mobile app is the logical extension of e-newsletters, direct mail, email, websites and social media. Mobile apps successfully engage and capture audiences in competitive industries such as restaurants, media organizations and many other businesses, creating loyal, repeat customers and communities. Mobile apps work because

  • a user proactively downloads an app…which means they want to join

  • apps have easily accessible icons (just tap) visible on a phone or tablet, no having to remember websites

  • an app’s content is optimized for easy viewing on a mobile device

Finally, apps enable push notifications – an invaluable communication and call-to-action tool. Research has shown that the open rate for push notifications is three to four times higher than email open rates. 

No longer would do you need to wonder whether your key audiences have had a chance to check their email to respond to the latest call-to-action or go to your website for the latest news and information. Mobile apps allow you to push that message right onto their phone or tablet.

Mobile App Development and Functionality

Z-Pol Consulting’s can develop a mobile app to engage audiences either

  • publicly –anyone would be able to download their app from the Apple Store/Android Play Store, access its content and receive push notifications;


  • privately –a password would be required to download the app from the Apple Store/Android Play Store, access its content and receive push notifications, in essence creating a closed mobile app network.

The following functions come standard for either a public or a private designed mobile app:

  • push notifications

  • contact us

  • contact a local, state or federal elected official

  • news stream via social media, blogs, RSS and news feeds

  • donate

  • calendar of events

  • issues

  • provide feedback

  • integrate with your social media channels for a one step update

  • FAQs

  • refer a friend

  • upload video

Enhanced Mobile App Development and Functionality

Z-Pol Consulting also offers an enhanced mobile app option. This customized app merges the functionalities and benefits of the above mentioned public-only and private-only audience mobile app structure with a private, interactive, real-time, community content area. This combination creates a dynamic mobile solution that engages its audiences while maximizing internal communication and workflow by providing

  • interactive and real-time database access

  • forums and photos, liking and sharing

  • unlimited grouping of app users (ex. by Congressional District or State)

  • customizable user profiles

  • user categories (ex. funders, advocates, staff, etc.)

  • email broadcast or push notification capabilities to users sub-divided by group

  • user sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more

  • seamless sharing to social media sites

  • integrated YouTube and Vimeo videos on social channel pages

  • real-time aggregated activity feed

  • fine-grain privacy controls

  • multiple administrators

  • granular content moderation

User Friendly

All Z-Pol Consulting mobile apps come with an online, cloud-based dashboard that allows the client to control all content, appearance and functions. The dashboard resembles a Microsoft environment, enabling a “what you see is what you get” layout.

As a Z-Pol Consulting client, you receive training in the use of your mobile app along with an online video help to answer your questions 24/7/365. Plus, Z-Pol Consulting’s team is also just a phone call away to meet all your ongoing support needs.

Why Z-Pol Consulting

Z-Pol Consulting provides grassroots and advocacy organizations with digital solutions designed for a mobile world. The Z-Pol Consulting team has experience with digital media, political campaigns, grass-roots advocacy campaigns, strategic communications, reputation management and public relations in the private sector. They can work with your organization to meet its communication needs, design a mobile app, enhance your social media presence and create digital platforms to reach today’s mobile audience.