Q: How long does it take to develop an app?

Generally, once Z-Pol Consulting receives all the necessary information from the client it takes approximately 14 – 30 days to complete development and make the app available on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Q: How can an app work in grassroots advocacy?

As a communication tool, a mobile app is the logical extension of e-newsletters, direct mail, email, websites and social media.  Mobile apps have successfully engaged and captured audiences in competitive industries such as restaurants, media organizations and many other businesses, creating loyal, repeat customers and communities.  Mobile apps work because

  • a user proactively downloads an app…which means they want to join
  • apps have easily accessible icons (just tap) visible on a phone or tablet, no having to remember websites
  • an app’s content is optimized for easy viewing on a mobile device

Finally, apps enable push notifications – an invaluable communication and call-to-action tool.  Research has shown that the open rate for push notifications is three to four times higher than email open rates. 

No longer would do you need to wonder whether your key audiences have had a chance to check their email to respond to the latest call-to-action or go to your website for the latest news and information.  Mobile apps allow you to push that message right onto their phone or tablet.

Q: I have a mobile optimized website, why do I need an app?

The advantages of having a mobile app versus a mobile optimized website alone are:

  • Allows your supporters, advocates, funders and volunteers to communicate directly with you
  • Push notifications go directly into your supporters, advocates, funders and volunteers' smartphones. These messages are controlled by your office and can be geo-fenced to send only to a particular area, location or group. Marketing research has found that push notifications are five times more effective than emails and have a substantially higher open rate than emails.

Q: What about content updates?

Clients are in full control of the content for the apps and can update the content of their app with an easy to use control dashboard.  Using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get, cloud based, control dashboard, clients can update content, images, look and feel from anywhere in real-time.

Q: What happens when smart phone operating systems update?

Z-Pol Consulting manages all operating system updates so you don’t have to.

Q: Is an app secure?

Yes.  Our servers meet Apple’s and Androids standards for security and redundancy.